We have received multitudes of testimonies from people that have repented and have asked Jesus Christ to be their Lord and
Savior as a result of this site. These have surely been a blessing to us. We give God the glory. Here are some of them.


    I returned from work after a bad day, being disillusioned with God and my life in general. I turned on my computer and typed in a URL…Your site came up. It was as if Jesus wanted me to see it. I read through the first page and at once knew what I had to do. I got down on my knees, repented (of) my sins and asked Jesus into my life. I know this is the start of a difficult path with many temptations ahead but with Jesus at my side I am determined to succeed. Thank you for putting together this site. UK

    I walked with the Lord in a way that I knew was not pleasing to Him, and still went on doing it. I stumbled on this website while looking for something else. I am so grateful. …I feel something in my heart that I never really felt before. I prayed the prayer in our toilet here at work and believe Jesus has forgiven me of my sins. …Thank you for this site and I know I will be visiting it often. God bless. South Africa

    (I want) to express my profound gratitude to God and to you for putting up this brilliant and inspiring site. The site has changed my life of recent when I started going through the Bible studies section and listening to the audio reading of the Bible. I am now saved by God's grace. Nigeria

    I wanted to tell you that thanks to this site my eyes were opened. As a matter of fact I hold Bibledesk responsible for having showed me the truth. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Miami, FL, USA

    I just prayed your prayer on the website. I have prayed this prayer… Duluth, Minnesota, USA

    Thank you for building such a wonderful site. I ask God to forgive me of all my sins and I want to be ready when Jesus comes. Columbia, SC, USA

    I did repent and kneeled and said the prayer and believed with all my heart. Truthfully, this is the first time I have kneeled and said a prayer. Texas, USA

    I have just re-dedicated my life over 2 God. I would really like to become a better Christian. Ireland

    I recognize that I must have a continued relationship with God…I said the prayer that was asked of me. Thank you for your website. USA

    I have become lukewarm in my beliefs. I prayed and repented. Arizona, USA

    I found your site by just typing (it) in. …I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. …I want to thank you and say God bless you and your website. You have opened my eyes. Georgia, USA

    I have taken the decision to follow Jesus. I write to give you my postal address for the free Christian literature you promised giving. Nigeria

    Your website, it appeared out of nowhere. I…read the prayer and received Jesus. Thank you for sharing your Bible knowledge with others. Washington, USA

    I was saved (mainly) by this site!  Yes, it's true!  All grace to God!  I was just an ordinary 19-year old Swedish guy.  Yes, I believed in God, but I knew nothing or little about the Bible, even Jesus Christ Himself.  I was following my own life and interests.  I had no wish of becoming a Christian, and I didn't believe why I should.  I had a life-goal, which I was about to fulfill.  I did not need Christ, I thought.  Then I found this site.  For years, God (the Father) had prepared me for this occasion.... I was astonished by the sites claim that the prophecies proved the Bible was true....So I believed.  The Bible is beyond any doubt the proven Word of God.  Actually, I was shocked.  I began to tremble, because I understood I was a sinner, and if I died tomorrow, I would surely end up in hell in burning fire.  The Holy Spirit convicted my heart that I was a sinner, and I fell down to the floor asking God, "Have mercy on me a sinner."  I did not simply believe, but I knew!  There was indeed a heaven and a hell, and I had to make a choice.  I chose life over death that night.  I made the wise decision.  THEN I WAS BORN-AGAIN! SAVED!  HALLELUJAH!!  This site DOES work because, God Himself has given His approval by using it to save me!  God used THIS site out of all other sites on the Internet!  Can you believe that?

(Many hundreds of people have linked to this site, for which we are extremely grateful
and thank God. We have included parts of a few of the link letters we have received.)

    I just wanted to say that your site has the most information I have ever seen. I also added your link to our website.

    I have added your site (AmazingBible.org) to my Christian resource page.

    After viewing a cross section of this site, I feel very comfortable (linking) this site. I have looked at the salvation areas, prophecy areas, views on the relevance of Israel, cults, as well as several other topics. I have found your site to be Biblically based and presented well.

    My wife and I have viewed your website and we were thoroughly impressed! It was completely lacking in any kind of sales pitch and was overflowing with some of the purest, sound, Bible doctrine we have come across. We will be glad to include a link to your website… God bless you in this work… May He grant you many souls to come to know the truth of the Scriptures through this incredible site. Florida

    Just went through your site (kind of fast) and loved it and everything I read sounded anointed by the Holy Spirit. Therefore was led to go ahead and add it to my site.

    This site will be a tremendous blessing to our viewers. Thank you.

    I am a pastor of a small church in North Carolina. Thanks for all your efforts to provide such an informative and Word-oriented site. We would be honored if you would add a link to our site from yours. Of course, we would be glad to reciprocate.

    I visited (your site) and found that it would be a perfect link for my site. There were so many helpful resources and growth materials centered on God's Word which is precisely the types of links I was looking for. Thank you and God bless.

    It will be a pleasure to add your link to our site. …I am always looking for good resources to put on our website that encourage growth…our church.

    You have been linked to our website. I have been a fan of your site for quite awhile. (Gospel radio)

(By God's mercy, we receive many encouraging each day, including some that
are not so nice.  Here are parts of some we have chosen to list here.)

    I am amazed at this site the information it has about "My Saviour, Lord Jesus". I thank you from deep down from my heart. India

    This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I have learned more from these sites than you can imagine. North Carolina, USA

    Brethren, I've been blessed so much with the kind of information I've read at your site. May the good Lord continue to give you all great insight, knowledge, wisdom and boldness in the duties He's assigned to you. UK

    I just wanted to let you know I am a minister and think you have one of the most impressive Christian sites I have ever had the pleasure to view. Mississippi, USA

    I thought I had a big site…but you've got me beat by a bunch. I'm learning lots of things at your site. Mexico

    I found this site to be very informational and biblically accurate. God bless you all, and keep up the good work. Oregon, USA

    Thank you very much for the greatest site I have ever seen. El Salvador
Your site magnifies the Lord and His Truth is shared. Thank you and God bless you. Florida, USA

    Found you by mistake, but are so thankful. What a great web site, more biblical information than I have ever seen in one place. God bless. California

    Just want to say, I was saved 2 weeks ago and your site has really helped me. Thank you thank you. Unk

    I have known Jesus for 2 years now. I have gained more knowledge and understanding of Scripture with this site than any other…I guess people do not want to know the truth because I tell them about this site all the time and they never go on it. I am just glad the Lord Jesus allowed me to find the site to better my understanding. GA, USA

    Fabulous site of representing God's Word & helping new believers make more sense of these 'last days'-thank you. Lebanon

    I accessed your site…and was so impressed, actually more than that. I read the piece on "The Biggest Skeptic in the World" and was so encouraged. This information (on today's church) is so true. South Africa

    I must say, I believe that if I should live 100 years, I could never read all the information that you provide on your site. Your site is…one of the best I have run across concerning sound, Biblical doctrine. Every article is right on the money with the Scriptures and that is hard to find nowadays. Missouri, USA

    Thanks so much for continuing to preach the true Gospel! Its all about the cross as you know. Oklahoma, USA

    You have a wonderful, inspiring, encouraging, enlightening, wisdom-filled site. I love it! Georgia, USA

    I…saw the seemingly unlimited supply of information on your site. You have obviously done your homework. Montana, USA

    I read your testimony and thought it was great. I've never seen anything like your website. It is absolutely wonderful. Kentucky, USA

    I found (your site) to be a spiritual gold mine. The way the site has been prepared proves that it's the Lord's doing and it's marvellous. India

    (This) is the best web sight which I've ever seen. Nepal

    I am so amazed that I even found your site. It is awesome. So full of information. MS ,USA

    Wonderful! All I can say is WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL. Connecticut, USA

    Awesome web site with plenty of insight information on what's to come. Washington, USA

    Firstly I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this site. It has been of great assistance to me especially spiritually. Kenya

    Your words are a blessing to my family. Jacksonville, FL, USA

    I am thrilled and very, very excited. This site is awesome. I would also like the book that you give to new believers. My address is….Texas, USA

    Incredible site thanks a whole bunch and GOD bless you. Houston, Texas, USA

    I'm Tony and I got to tell you this site is great. I'm telling all my brothers and sisters about it. Thank you for the great work you have done. God bless you and family. Peace be with you. Location unk

    Thank you for such a wonderful site telling of the love of Jesus our Savior. May God bless you. Ohio, USA

    I looked through the "looked saved, but unsaved" piece & it made me think. England

    I read through your home page and testimony. It is really inspiring and true. UK

    My friend, I congratulate you on your marvellous discoveries about the accuracy of the Bible. Teen, USA

    What a wonderful site to get peace by. Hyderabad, India

    I find your site very straight forward and true to fact. Oregon, USA

    I love your site. It has answered so many questions I had. The home page telling about the end times is the most detailed I have ever read. I never did quite understand till I read your page. Argentina

    It's so awesome, a truly amazing website. Tanzania

    I think this is wonderful. You could not have put anything better on here. Location unknown

    I want to say thank you for your incredible site. I've never seen anything quite like it. Florida, USA

    Prophecy…is something that I have never understood, even though I have been a Christian for a long time. It is so easy to understand the way it's set up. Calif., USA

    This is a fascinating site, which I am very glad that I visited. It is so good, it's almost unbelievable. I love you all, and Jesus. UK

    I am so glad a friend guided me to your wonderful, inspiring site. Mexico

    One of the most interesting sites I have found on the Internet. South Africa

    I just want to say "Thanks" for this website. This website has almost every question you need answered. Texas, USA

    Congratulations! This kind of website is what the people in the whole world needs. God bless you all. Philippines

    I enjoyed reading the message. I'm going to spread the web address. Massachusetts, USA


    A friend told me about the site. I want to know more about Jesus, and I want to change my life. Panama Central America

    I am a Roman Catholic. Truly your teachings have fascinated me. May God bless you. Tanzania

    The Catholic Church (I) thank God for pulling me out of such pagan traditions. Unk


    My name is …… I am Muslim and just want to know about Christians. Please provide me with some material then I will be thankful to u. Pakistan

    I am a Muslim who lives in Kenya very dedicated but really want to find out the differences between Islam and Christian. My postal address: Kenya